2019 NSK Finalists

Cuban American author Margarita Engle is the 2017–2019 national Young People’s Poet Laureate and a USBBY 2019 Astrid Lindgren Award nominee. She is the author of many verse novels, including The Surrender Tree, a Newbery Honor winner, and The Lightning

Finalists Announced for 2019 NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature

The 2019 NSK Nominees (top, left-to-right) Margarita Engle (Photo: Sandra Rios Balderrama), René Colato Laínez, Ana Maria Machado, (middle, left-to-right) Isabel Minhós Martins, Hilary McKay, Yuyi Morales, (bottom, left-to-right) Beverley Naidoo (Photo: Linda Brownlee), Renée Watson, and Jeanette Winter. We are honored to announce the finalists for

2019 NSK Jury

Socorro Acioli was born in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. She is a journalist, has a master’s degree in Brazilian children’s literature, and a PhD in literary studies from the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro. She started her career in 2001

2017 – Marilyn Nelson

Marilyn Nelson

Marilyn Nelson: Winner of the 2017 NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature “Marilyn Nelson recognizes that, like gods and nature, words are awesome—impressive, daunting, inspiring great fear and great admiration—and for the rest of her life, up to the present,

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2017 NSK Finalists

2017 NSK Finalists

Alma Flor Ada is a Cuban American poet and author of both children’s and adult works in English and Spanish. Growing up among a family of storytellers in Camagüey, Cuba, she would earn her PhD from the Pontificia Universidad Católica

2015 – Meshack Asare

Meshack Asare. Photo by Shevaun Williams.

“Meshack Asare is more than a son of Ghana; having retold tales from other African countries, such as Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa, he is a storyteller of the continent. His oeuvre has provided generations of children on the continent with

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2015 NSK Finalists

Benjamin Alire Sáenz Benjamin Alire Sáenz, USA. Selected work: Sammy and Juliana in Hollywood. Nominated by J. L. Powers.   David Small David Small, USA. Selected work: The Gardener. Nominated by Kathryn Otoshi.   Jamila Gavin Jamila Gavin, England and India. Selected work: Blackberry

2015 NSK Neustadt Prize Jury

Kathleen T. Horning Kathleen T. Horning is director of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center of the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a graduate of UW-Madison and has worked her entire career at the CCBC, beginning

2013 – Naomi Shihab Nye

“With her powerful vision and high-quality poetry, fiction, and young-adult literature, Ms. Nye may be one of the most complete and accomplished writers in the world.”—Roberto Con Davis Undiano, Executive Director of World Literature Today Naomi Shihab Nye (b. 1952)

2011 – Virginia Euwer Wolff

Virginia Euwer Wolff. Photo by Simon Hurst

“If you ever want to connect or reconnect with what it was like to view the world with a child’s sense of wonder, just read one of Virginia Euwer Wolff’s books.”—Nancy Barcelo Virginia Euwer Wolff (b. 1937) was born in Oregon.

2009 – Vera B. Williams

“For Williams, writing begins and ends with being immersed in the human condition, and out of the world springs the text, refined by craft and discipline.”—Daniel Simon, WLT March 2010 Vera B. Williams (b. 1927) was born in California, but moved to New

2007 – Katherine Paterson

Katherine Paterson. Photo by Simon Hurst.

“Katherine Paterson articulates important, difficult, and urgent truths, all within the safe haven of her books and within a world, both real and imagined, which she modestly presents in her own wise and at the same time collective voice both

2005 – Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle. Photo by Tim Fuller.

“Doyle’s great gift, I feel is that he charts for us one small corner of the world and, in doing so, reveals that it is no more out-of-the-way than anywhere else, really, once you give it a listen. He puts

2003 – Mildred D. Taylor

“As the first recipient of this landmark prize, Mildred D. Taylor will help remind the world of the importance — in fact, the urgency — of high quality children’s and young adult literature. She is a superb and deeply moving

About the NSK Neustadt Prize

The NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature is a new award intended to enhance the quality of children’s literature by promoting writing that contributes to the quality of their lives. Made possible through the generosity of Nancy Barcelo, Susan Neustadt