The NSK Prize

The NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature, initiated in 2003, aims to enhance the quality of children’s literature by promoting writing that contributes to the quality of their lives.

About the NSK Neustadt Prize

NSK Neustadt Prize Medallion in Hand-Carved Wood Box Since 2003, the NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature has been awarded every other year to a living writer or author-illustrator with significant achievement in children’s or young-adult literature. Made possible through the generosity of Nancy Barcelo, Susan Neustadt Schwartz, and Kathy Neustadt and sponsored by World Literature Today, the University of Oklahoma’s award-winning magazine of international literature, the NSK Prize celebrates literature that contributes to the quality of children’s lives. Candidates for the award are nominated by a jury of children’s literature writers, illustrators, or scholars, and the jury also selects the winner of each [...]


A Look Back At…

  • Brian Doyle. Photo by Tim Fuller.
    2005 – Brian Doyle

    "Doyle's great gift, I feel is that he charts for us one small corner of the world and, in doing so, reveals that it is no more out-of-the-way than anywhere else, really, once you give it a listen. He puts that one small place on the map and does so with humor and a great feeling of shared humanity."—Tim Wynne-Jones, "A Tribute to Brian Doyle," WLT Vol. 80, May 2006 Brian Doyle (b. 1950) takes many of the experiences he had growing up in Ottowa, Canada as the basis for his children's…


NSK Quotes

Katherine Paterson’s books have blessed children and children’s literature by putting human faces on all kinds of characters. She’s made marginal children seem less marginal, foreign children less foreign, and hopeless children more hopeful. In addition to elevating children’s literature, Paterson’s books and stories have also inspired readers to elevate themselves and their world.” — Chris Crowe, WLT Vol. 82, May 2008

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