NSK Finalists (2003 – Present)

Finalists for the NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature are nominated by a jury member. The following is full list of finalists for the prize from 2003 to present day.

2003Gary SotoMAuthor
2003Paul FleischmanMAuthor
2003Patricia PolaccoFAuthor, Illustrator
2003Susan CooperFAuthor
2003Mildred D. TaylorFAuthor
2003Margaret MahyFAuthor
2003Tomi UngererMAuthor, Illustrator
2003Lois LowryFAuthor
2005Nancy GardenFAuthor
2005Ifeoma OkoyeFAuthor
2005Perry NodelmanMAuthor
2005Kevin HenkesMAuthor, Illustrator
2005Ashley BryanMAuthor, Illustrator
2005Kate DiCamilloFAuthor
2005E. L. KonigsburgFAuthor, Illustrator
2005Brian DoyleMAuthor
2005Diana Wynne JonesFAuthor
2007Walter Dean MyersMAuthor
2007Katherine PatersonFAuthor
2007Jane YolenFAuthor
2007Margaret MahyFAuthor
2007Peter SísMAuthor, Illustrator
2007Peter SísMAuthor, Illustrator
2007Jean C. GeorgeFAuthor
2007Chris RashchkaMAuthor, Illustrator
2007Nyambura MpeshaFAuthor
2009Walter Dean MyersMAuthor
2009Martha BrooksFAuthor
2009Jamila GavinFAuthor
2009Peter SísMAuthor, Illustrator
2009Philip PullmanMAuthor
2009Aidan ChambersMAuthor
2009Russell FreedmanMAuthor
2009Pam Muñoz RyanFAuthor
2009Vera B. WilliamsFAuthor, Illustrator
2011Mordicai GersteinMAuthor, Illustrator
2011Jacqueline WoodsonFAuthor
2011Anne FineFAuthor
2011Brian SelznickMAuthor, Illustrator
2011Christopher Paul CurtisMAuthor
2011David MacaulayMAuthor, Illustrator
2011Jacqueline WoodsonFAuthor
2011Virginia Euwer WolffFAuthor
2013Naomi Shihab NyeFAuthor
2013Joan LingardFAuthor
2013DemiFAuthor, Illustrator
2013Lois LowryFAuthor
2013Zilpha Keatley SnyderFAuthor
2013Laurence YepMAuthor
2013Lois LowryFAuthor
2013Tamora PierceFAuthor
2013Walter Dean MyersMAuthor
2015Benjamin Alire SáenzMAuthor
2015David SmallMAuthor, Illustrator
2015Jamila GavinFAuthor
2015Julie FlettFAuthor, Illustrator
2015Leodnard Everett FisherMAuthor, Illustrator
2015Meshack AsareMAuthor, Illustrator
2015Peter SísMAuthor, Illustrator
2017Alma Flor AdaFAuthor
2017Lynda BarryFAuthor, Illustrator
2017Lori Marie CarlsonFAuthor
2017Candace FlemingFAuthor
2017Marilyn NelsonFAuthor
2017Ema WolfFAuthor
2017Jacqueline WoodsonFAuthor