The Neustadt Prize

The Neustadt International Prize for Literature is a biennial award sponsored by the University of Oklahoma and World Literature Today since 1969.

About the Neustadt Prize

Neustadt Prize Feather   The Neustadt International Prize for Literature is a biennial award sponsored by the University of Oklahoma and World Literature Today. The Prize consists of $50,000, a replica of an eagle feather cast in silver, and a certificate. A generous endowment from the Neustadt family of Ardmore, Oklahoma, and Dallas, Texas, ensures the award in perpetuity. The prize was established in 1969 as the Books Abroad International Prize for Literature, then renamed the Books Abroad / Neustadt Prize before assuming its present name in 1976, The Neustadt International Prize for Literature. It is the first international literary award of this scope to originate in the United States and is one of the very few international prizes for which poets, novelists, and playwrights are equally eligible. Critically acclaimed Indian-Canadian writer Rohinton Mistry received the prize during the 2012 Neustadt Festival at the University of Oklahoma last fall (September 25-28).

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Neustadt Jurors and Finalists

A new international jury of outstanding writers is selected to decide the winner of each Neustadt Prize in odd-numbered years. The members of the jury are determined by the executive director of World Literature Today (who is the only permanent member) in consultation with the journal’s editors and the president of the University of Oklahoma. Each juror nominates one author for the prize. The jurors convene for two to three days at the University of Oklahoma for their deliberations, and the winner is announced at the banquet honoring [...]



“Verbal humor is one of the more obvious features of Ponge’s style. It runs the whole gamut of word play, down to the outrageous sort of pun customarily greeted with a groan. In part, this carries on the systematic surrealist destruction of conventional literature.” — Micheal Riffaterre on 1974 Neustadt Prize Laureate Francis Ponge

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A Look Back At…

  • Giuseppe Ungaretti
    1970 - Giuseppe Ungaretti

    "Thanks to Giuseppe Ungaretti and his work, Italian poetry early in this century regained a universality of language through which have found exemplary expression the innermost anguish, dreams, and hopes of modern man."—Luciano Rebay, "Encomium for Giuseppe Ungaretti" (Books Abroad Vol. 44, Autumn 1970)   Giuseppe Ungaretti (1888-1970) was born in Alexandria, Egypt into an Italian family, where he was educated in French and began working as a journalist and literary critic. Ungaretti…