The Neustadt Prize

The Neustadt International Prize for Literature is a biennial award sponsored by the University of Oklahoma and World Literature Today since 1969.

About the Neustadt Prize

Neustadt Prize Feather   The Neustadt International Prize for Literature is a biennial award sponsored by the University of Oklahoma and World Literature Today. The Prize consists of $50,000, a replica of an eagle feather cast in silver, and a certificate. A generous endowment from the Neustadt family of Ardmore, Oklahoma, and Dallas, Texas, ensures the award in perpetuity. The prize was established in 1969 as the Books Abroad International Prize for Literature, then renamed the Books Abroad / Neustadt Prize before assuming its present name in 1976, The Neustadt International Prize for Literature. It is the first international literary award of this scope to originate in the United States and is one of the very few international prizes for which poets, novelists, and playwrights are equally eligible. Browse through our list of previous winners on the right, and visit our Neustadt Finalists page to see a complete list of all the candidates and jurors for the Neustadt Prize over the years.

Neustadt Jurors and Finalists

A new international jury of outstanding writers is selected to decide the winner of each Neustadt Prize in odd-numbered years. The members of the jury are determined by the executive director of World Literature Today (who is the only permanent member) in consultation with the journal’s editors and the president of the University of Oklahoma. Each juror nominates one author for the prize. The jurors convene for two to three days at the University of Oklahoma for their deliberations, and the winner is announced at the banquet honoring the laureate of the  Read more...


Grace’s stories make a shining and enduring place formed of the brilliant weave of Maori oral storytelling and contained within the shape of contemporary Western forms. We are welcomed in, and when we get up to leave, we have been well fed, we have made friends and family, and we are bound to understanding and knowledge of one another.”—Joy Harjo, “In Honor of Patricia Grace” (WLT Vol.83, May 2009)

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A Look Back At…

  • Claribel Alegria. Photo by Simon Hurst.
    2006 - Claribel Alegría

      "A singular woman, Claribel Alegria was born for literature and has made literature a vital part of her life . . ."—Sergio Ramírez, "A Winged Tiger" (WLT Vol. 81, May 2007) Claribel Alegría (b. 1924) is often considered the most important contributor to contemporary Central American literature. She was born in Estelí, Nicaragua, but spent most of her youth in the Santa Ana region of western El Salvador because of her father’s political exile. In 1943 she came to the…