The Neustadt Lit Festival

2018 Neustadt Lit Festival

The 2018 Neustadt Lit Festival, a celebration of international books and culture sponsored by World Literature Today, will take place on the Norman campus of the University of Oklahoma this fall. The literary festival, which is free and open to the public, features Edwidge Danticat, winner of the 2018 Neustadt International Prize for Literature, plus other visiting writers, artists, dancers, and scholars.

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“Verbal humor is one of the more obvious features of Ponge’s style. It runs the whole gamut of word play, down to the outrageous sort of pun customarily greeted with a groan. In part, this carries on the systematic surrealist destruction of conventional literature.” — Micheal Riffaterre on 1974 Neustadt Prize Laureate Francis Ponge

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A Look Back At…

  • Katherine Paterson. Photo by Simon Hurst.
    2007 – Katherine Paterson

    "Katherine Paterson articulates important, difficult, and urgent truths, all within the safe haven of her books and within a world, both real and imagined, which she modestly presents in her own wise and at the same time collective voice both on our behalf and for our benefit."—David Draper Clark, WLT May 2008 Katherine Paterson (b. 1932) was born in China, the daughter of Presbyterian missionaries who returned to the United States at the onset of World War II. Though her first language…